Murray Bird

Tough love

Solo Exhibition
3 Mar 2010 - 20 Feb 2010

Murray Bird is a painters’ painter who has a message. Painting still life flowers in a way that explores the tensions of life, is no easy task. With titles such as 'Mutual Bonds', 'Sad to See You Go', 'Tied Down' and 'Strings Attached', Bird’s anthropomorphic botanicals are a study in psychological metaphor. Flowers are an important part of the still life genre and he has mastered his craft after many years of study, painstaking practice and life experience.

Bird explains, “In this exhibition I have introduced flowers as part of the genre of still life. Flowers have added delicacy and vulnerability to the work which explores the tensions between them and devices used. Strings restrict movement of the flowers and inhibit them from blooming, some with a sense of impending release. I wanted to deal with different forms, textures and colours while reflecting the delicacy of the subject matter. I am living in a garden suburb at the moment and this has become part of my life while providing me with the inspiration for the paintings”.


The fruit and the figure
Solo Exhibition Nov 2008


Under pressure

Sad to see you go

Strings attached

Tied down

The Camellia house

The Tulip house


Going separate ways

Convenient snack

Mutual bonds


Prickly situation

Pull to release